5th Periodic Meeting in Vienna

During the days 12th and 13th of September, all the parters of the BaaS project celebrated the 5th Periodic Meeting in Vienna. The meeting was hosted by TU Wien which is not a partner of the project, but from the sister project Campus21. Thus, the partners who participated in the CESBP workshop could take advantage of not moving to another city.


All the project partners were represented in the two days of the meeting where several objectives were faces. Firstly, the completion of the deliverables pending to be submitted on 13th of September. Moreover, the use cases defined per demo site were presented. And, finally, the baseline and reporting period were defined.

The first day, the status of the project was the initial point which was followed by the status of the aforementioned deliverables. After knowing these points, three subgroups were set up, two assigned to the deliverables and the remaining one discussed about the complete platform and the communication among the entities. In this way, the deliverables could be completed and agreements and clarifications of how the system should behave were carried out.

Once, the deliverables and the platform discussion were filled out, the use cases took part. The debate of the goals of any use case and how to face any thing was the warm point.

The second day was centred in the management meeting the cover letters, report comments, risk plan and next meetings.