2nd Periodic Meeting in Crete

On September 11th and 12th, all the partners of the BaaS project, funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme, met to have the 2nd Periodic meeting, organized by TUC and CARTIF and held by TUC on the KAM - Arsenali meeting room (Chania, Crete).

During the meeting, a work package (WP) overview regarding the work already done during the 4 months of the project and the work to be done in the following 6 months was presented. During these presentations, many questions regarding technical tasks were discussed in order to achieve agreements in the development of the project. Also, a visit to the Greek test-bed building was organized, so as to see the status of the facilities. It was a two days meeting, where all partners were represented.

After a short welcome of the project manager, where the list of attendees was presented and revised and the final Agenda of the event was approved by all the partners, the project coordinator, César Valmaseda, gave an overview of the objectives and challenges of this 2nd Periodic Meeting: to present what have been done during these 4 months and what should be done as next steps. Finally, some project management procedures were reminded.

Then, each WP Leader presented the work developed in his/her WP in more detail, indicating the deliverables submitted or under generation, and the partners participating in the active tasks with their correspondent responsibilities. Relations and dependencies among WPs were also presented.

After that, each leader made a review of the new work to be done from month 5. New tasks were presented, and the involvement of every partner was showed in order to organize the planning for the following 6 months: partners involved and their role & responsibilities, efforts, objectives, tasks, milestones, deliverables and expected results.

During both presentations, the one showing the work done and the one presenting the new work, there was an open debate to discuss different approaches, to identify interactions with other WPs and solve some doubts.


During the stay of the consortium in Crete, two different events were celebrated:

  • The 10th of September NEC, TUC and CARTIF celebrated the kick-off of the task 3.2. During this meeting, different approaches for its development were presented, and final agreements in the planning and responsibilities were achieved.
  • The 12th of September, in the afternoon, a BaaS-Pebble Workshop was celebrated, with the participation of partners from both projects and people invited from other projects, as for example the Campus 21. In this workshop, the three projects were presented and partners debated about the possible synergies among them.