4th Periodic Meeting in Madrid

On March 12th and 13th, all the partners of the BaaS project, funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme, met to have the 4th Periodic meeting, organized by Dalkia and CARTIF. The meeting took place in the HUSA Chamartín hotel which is one of the pilots of the project.

During the meeting, it was discussed several points. First of all, the work package (WP) advances since the previous meeting until the Madrid's meeting were highlighted. The aggreements, deliverables status and next steps were also included into the agenda for the discussion ahead the whole consortium. Moreover, the contributions of all the partners helped to achieve agreements with regard to opened challenges.


It was a two days meeting, where all partners were represented. Also, the maintenance staff of the HUSA Chamartin Hotel took part of the meeting in order to explain in detail the facilities.

However, the main points in the meeting were the joint discussions about the related work packages. Thus, a final scheme for the system architecture, demo sites installations and data layer entities needed were reached. Besides this topic the most interesting part was the demonstration which Dimitrios (TUC) carried out regarding an example of an APO Service including a query to a local BIM Server.

The organization of the meeting began with a short welcome of Miguel Angel García, on behalf of CARTIF, he gave an overview of the objectives and challenges of this 4th Periodic Meeting. Also, Javier Martín (DALKIA) thanked the presence of the partners. Afterwards, the presentation of the WPs in more detail was fulfilled by the WP leaders and participants. In the afternoon, the demonstration of the APO Service was shown and a guided visit to the facilities of the HUSA Charmatin was done.

In the second day, the jointly discussions was made in order to reach agreement with regard to the behaviour of the whole system. The contributions of all the partners was very fruitful so that the challenges could be clarified and aligned for aiming the same goal.