1st review meeting in Brussels

During the 18th and 19th of June, in internal meeting of the BaaS project was held in Brussels where all the partners involved in the project were present. The main topics were the current status of every single work package and the achievement carried out for the first year of the project. Moreover, the next steps were shown to the partners in order to align the work done and the remaining to do.

Also, during these two meeting days, the preparation of the review meeting was one of the main points where the decision about what material should be highlighted and how to address the best way to show the results and the organization of the tasks was carried out. On the other hand, some demonstrations were set up for the next day so as to exhibit the work until now. 

On 20th of June the first review of the project was carried out jointly the Project Officer and the Reviewers. In such review meeting, the single work package leaders displayed the organization and achievents in the tasks related. During these presentations, several discussions were managed by the Project Officer and Reviewers in order to clarify some missing points or doubts. Besides the clarifications, some recommendations were shared by the expertises so that the project could improve the queality and the achievements.