The BaaS system wins an open competitive tender to form part of the Green Campus Initiative in TU-Crete

As part of its Green Campus Initiative, the Technical University of  Crete has undertaken a number of actions to improve energy use, including a campus-wide energy management system to be installed in  the TUC main campus in Chania (Greece). A total of 145 offices and  rooms in the student residences are to be included in the installation. For the purchase, installation and configuration of the system an open  competitive tender was issued by the University Technical Services  asking for a system that will control individual climate on each of the  rooms and will ensure parsimonious energy use and occupant thermal comfort. Monitoring for energy consumption and application of analytics  to ensure proper operation is the topic of this installation  which includes both hardware (controllers, energy meters, occupancy  sensors, etc) and software.

The BaaS system was selected among competitive offers ranking highest in terms of the technical features provided. The bespoke system provided comprised of open field-level control devices and a central installation of the BaaS Energy Management Solution. The University has specifically appreciated the openness and the ease of extensibility of the overall system, as it provides for them a future-proof solution. The potential of deploying several analytics for fault detection and inefficiency identification has been valued as it moves beyond simple web-enabled monitoring systems.

The project, with a cost of 50.000€ and a total installation and configuration time of 1 month, is to happen in the Fall 2014, initially by hardware installation and followed by a media (software) installation on the central TUC servers of the BaaS system. Additional analytics will be provided within the first year of operation. This will help ensure that the Technical Services office receives timely and relevant information for scheduling system maintenance and monitoring of facilities operation.