4th and final newsletter

BaaS project has officially finished with the exception of the final review which will be held in Brussels during 9th of June. During this last stage of the project, there are several activities that have been runnning:

  • Deployment of the full summer and winter use cases in the demonstration buildings
  • Evaluation of the control strategies
  • Application of IPMVP
  • Maintenance of the pieces of software

In fact, the results of the aforementioned tasks are the core of the final newsletter which is published in the BaaS Website.


The last issue of the BaaS newsletter is introduced by the coordinator, as usual. Then, the results from the summer cases and the deployment of the winter modes on each of the buildings is the core of this newsletter. Moreover, the final results and conclusions are highlighted. In this way, the summary of the obtained energy savings is pointed. Basically, it is important to mention that the targed of 15% is approximately achieved in all the buildings. While most of the results are upper the targed, the winter mode in CARTIF reaches 10% of savings. All the application of these strategies comprise an ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) represented in form of software architecture. Finally, a summary in terms of dissemination, exploitation and standarization is included.