WP5: Advanced Automation and Control Services for Performance Optimization of Building Operation


Services to be provided:

  1. Anomaly Identification (e.g. fault detection) and Diagnosis services using sensed and simulated data.
  2. Integrated Building Automation and Control (BAC) Service imbued with re-configurability properties in the case of faults or atypical scenarios.

Description of the SO2 component:

To address Scientific Objective SO2, by developing generic BIM-aware control services, separated in in-cloud and in-building components. These dynamic services are automatically created using control-design methods (developed in this WP) and thermal simulation models (developed in WP4), with the goal of operating the building in an effective manner so as to optimize energy performance (or other relevant KPIs). Ensure interoperability of the various services, inter-service communication (through properly defined communication interfaces) and ensure proper integration and interoperability with the middleware platform (WP3) and the data warehouse (WP2) components. A second ingredient is anomaly identification obtained from sensed or simulation data, that can be used to trigger controller reconfiguration actions. The goal is to develop, test, and integrate the necessary algorithms for achieving those objectives, and provide a generic tool to be used as a component of the overall BaaS system.


Task 5.1: SO2 Services Functional and Interoperability Requirements

For the development of generic in-building services implementation and interoperability requirements have to be carefully defined– work in this task will make these requirements precise. 

Task 5.2: Anomaly and Event Identificaion and Diagnosis services based on energy performance estimation 

The work here will enhance upon “conventional” rule-based fault-detection algorithms. The goal here is to use adaptive/model-augmented identification.

Task 5.3: Building and Automation Control (BAC) Algorithms Development

The purpose of Task 5.3 is to develop a fully-automated Building Automation and Control design tool.

Task 5.4: Integration of BaaS SO2 services

Upon completion of T5.3, the realization in the form of software modules of the BaaS SO2 will be integrated with the middleware platform developed in WP2 to develop the fully functional integrated BaaS system.


Work package leader: Dr. Dimitrios Rovas < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >. Technical University of Crete. Crete (Greece)


  • Fundación CARTIF
  • NEC Laboratories Europe
  • Honeywell Prague Laboratory.
  • Fraunhofer IBP
  • University College of Cork-Iruse