BaaS Demo Sites

The complete BaaS system will be deployed and validated in real operating conditions in five demonstration sites.

Upon verification of component interoperability and implementation of an IPMVP-based measurement and verification plan in real buildings, the BaaS system behaviour will be analyzed as an Energy Conservation Measure and energy savings will be validated by an Energy-Services Company.

End-user acceptance will be accomplished by analyzing the replication potential in tandem with the results of a sensibility study.


Technical University of Crete - Chania (Greece)

 Area: 450 m2

 Usage: Offices and meeting space

 An atrium in the entrance is lit by a glazing area at the roof,

 Split-type air conditioning units

 Central heating system and 

 A BEMS from SAIA-Burguess with extensive sensing with wireless sensors


CARTIF building offices - Valladolid (Spain)

 Area: 7500 m2

 Usage: Offices

 Several renewable energy sources installed (PV and a closed-loop geothermal heat-exchanger system)

 Very low energy consumption building

 Complete energy management system Lonworks-based


Fraunhofer: Centre for sustainability - Kassel (Germany)

 Area: 1348 m2

 Usage: Exhibition area, offices and experimental laboratory

 Situated on an old urban neighborhood,

 Passive and natural systems for HVAC

 District heating system 

 Central DDC for control and automation stations


Sierra Elvira School - Granada (Spain)

 Area: 7670 m2

 Usage: Scholl

 Primary School for 650 students in 3 separated buildings 

 Integration of renewable energy sources through the utilization of biomass boilers for thermal generation

 TREND-based energy management system for controlling the heating generation and distribution