Work Package 1: Theoretical Case Studies and End-user Acceptance

WP1 is an end-user-driven work package. It continuously monitors the proper alignment of RTD outcomes with the application domain of “non-residential buildings, in operational stage.


Work Package 2: Building Data - Interoperability and Standardization

This work package aims on improving building data interoperability and standardization. Specifically, the work package objective is to collect, aggregate, integrate and use the existing buildings’ product and process data and data models. It is concerned with interoperability and standardization of the data modeling (static and dynamic data). Therefore, in this work package we will specify and develop an extended data warehouse and a Building Information Model (BIM) based on standardized data model and functions.


Work Package 3: Middleware platform

This work package aim to develop the definition and implementation of the middleware platform. The middleware will be an effective, holistic service and provide integrated communication. It will take into account existing open standards frameworks, SOA architecture and security and privacy needs.


Work Package 4: Building Energy Modelling and Simulation for Performance Estimation and Control

The objectives of WP4 are to provide building modeling and simulation tools for energy performance (EP) estimation and control design (addressing Scientific Objective SO1) integrating needed-simulation capabilities into the BaaS system.


Work Package 5: Advanced Automation and Control Services for Performance Optimization of Building Operation

The WP5 provides the following services: Anomaly Identification (e.g. fault detection) and Diagnosis services using sensed and simulated data and Integrated Building Automation and Control (BAC) Service imbued with re-configurability properties in the case of faults or atypical scenarios.


Work Package 6: Demonstration of the Baas System

This WP aims the use of the theoretical case studies defined in WP1, implementation in the Demonstration Buildings along with the measurement and verification methodology, evaluationo of performance the measurement and verification methodology and a validation procedure to ensure correct functionality, usability and interoperability of the BaaS system.